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Eye Specialist 

It is more than just eye care… It is a visual experience that is unique and it’s for the whole family!!

We offer a wide range of personal care which includes full optometric refraction as well as Pediatric Vision. I love children and that’s why I visit all major schools (FREE OF CHARGE!!) to identify your child on an early age/stage to correct his/her eyesight. By drawing up a profile of the visual system and to correct it, is my passion!!

We fit and dispense both hard and soft contact lenses (including for Keratoconic cases.)

A special concern to us is the general health of your eyes .
We attend conferences, courses and workshops on a regular basis and achieve the required CPD points annually.

We do industrial vision screenings as well as visual screening tests for your driver’s license application.

Be on top with the latest digital designs in Progressive lenses and coatings and visit us to view our wide range of designer frames and sunglasses.

Whether you might only need single vision lenses or bifocals, we will treat you as an individual and try to meet your specific visual needs!!

Our Team

Best Eye Care Center in kanpur


Shopping for eyewear can be overwhelming. We understand that you want quality products, a great selection, excellent value, and expert follow-up care from professionals you can count on. That’s why the Optical Shop at sight Center is clearly the right choice. We believe your eyewear should be comfortable, stylish and dependable. For over 10 years, we have served thousands of people who want quality, fashionable eyewear for work, play, school and sports. Whether you need glasses or contact lenses, your satisfaction is always our first priority.



The store has been equipped with world class check up facilities, some of which are unparallel throughout the country. With the elevating growth in lifestyle demons like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Computer Vision Syndrome etc, eyes indispensably pay a heavy price in bargain.
Comprehensive Eye Exam which is a 12 staged process involving the detailed examination of every eye component is a need of the hour and The Sight Center has encapsulated all facilities & services to ensure that the society on the whole is blessed with a better vision.and you will found a best collection of frame & Sunglasses .



Cataract is the opacity (clouding) of eye’s natural lens which is normally transparent. When lens become cloudy, light rays cannot pass through them easily and vision becomes blurred. It can develop in one eye or both eyes and has a variety of causes, The clinic is equipped to screen, detect, diagnose and offer right procedural corrections for cataract. We offer treatment at our clinic.



No glasses. No contacts.
The safe and easy way.
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