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Selecting the right eyeglass frames can be exciting, especially if you want a new look. First, your optician will help you select the frame material, size, shape and color that suits you. Next, your optician will match the frame design to your lens prescription. With thousands of styles to choose from, you’ll always find a frame you love at a price you can afford. Our selection of frames include designer lines such as: 


Eyewear Frame Materials-

Frames are usually constructed from special plastics, stainless steel, titanium and other high-tech materials. Each material varies in terms of weight, flexibility, durability and cost. In addition, rimless frames that minimize the cosmetic presence of eye glasses are also widely available.


Eyewear Frame Hinges-

In addition to the traditional hinges, many eyeglass frames have spring hinges. This feature is particularly important for children and active adults. Spring hinges are more likely to flex with impact and then return to the original shape. Due to the flexibility of some materials, certain frames are designed without hinges, eliminating the possibility of losing screws and enhancing the durability of the frame.

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Eyewear Frame Nose Pieces-

While plastic frames usually rest directly on the nose, virtually all metal frames rest on the nose using “floating” nose pads. With nose pads, a smaller area of the frame is in contact with your nose, which may increase comfort. In addition, nose pads are easily adjustable.